Originating in the multidisciplinary field of cognitive sciences, cognitive education represents specific branch of cognitive therapy pertaining to education. This current is mainly based on the theoretical work of researchers such as Jean Piaget, Jerome Bruner, Lev Vygotsky, Reuven Feuerstein and H. Carl Haywood. Up until now, the main methods that have been developed and translated into practical programmes are: the logical reasoning workshops, the Instrumental Enrichment programme and the Bright Start curriculum for young children.

Theoretical references and research studies on cognitive remediation in the field of education are presented below :

L’éducation cognitive à l’école (1990)

Pour une pratique constructiviste de la remédiation cognitive (2009)

Une intervention cognitive précoce: Intégrer intelligence et affectivité pour traiter l’autisme (2013)

Current views on cognitive education: A critical discussion and future perspectives (2013)

Fostering self-reguated learning: From clinical to whole class interventions (2017)

Effectiveness of learning strategy instruction on academic performance: A meta-analysis (2014)

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